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Logbook contains the necessary information that an automobile mechanic might need to provide the right repair and maintenance services to the vehicle.

For a safe ride, driving a vehicle depends on a lot of factors. Not only the road conditions but even the vehicle condition and its maintenance plays a role.

Safety Inspection

It is crucial in order to avoid any crushes and make sure  your vehicle is safe and in working order. You have to be fully aware of your vehicle safety.

The battery is a significant part of the car that provides the required electricity to make the electrical components work. Own a good battery.

A clutch is one of the essential parts of the engine of a car that is responsible for engaging as well as disengaging the transmission of power.

brake repair

B­ecause of how fast a vehicle’s wheels rotate and how much a truck weighs, brake pads undergo extreme stress when you slow down or stop.

Best Auto Care In Sunshine

Sunshine Auto Care is a name that you can trust blindfolded when it comes to taking care of your vehicle.

From fixing your brake to gears, taking care of the external wear and tear of the car to fixing the engine troubles, our range of services includes a plethora of varieties covering almost every type of issue that your vehicle might come across.We make sure that each of the clients receives the best solutions for their vehicle-related problems. Also, our prompt and value-added services ensure a long term relationship with our clients which we cherish and hold close to our heart. You can find us at 45 Market Road, Sunshine VIC 3020.

We depend on our team of expert, trained, and professional mechanics and advanced tools and technologies to deliver nothing short of the best.

We are one of the most reliable car care centres in Australia, and we look forward to offering our services at a pocket-friendly price.

Our Services

We offer a plethora of car services that include all the followings and more.

Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate makes sure that your vehicle gets the right value if you are selling it and is perfectly safe to be driven on the road.

Car repairs at Sunshine offer long term solutions to make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly on the road.

Whenever you need your car to get transported availing of a towing service, you can depend on our prompt and advanced solutions.

We make sure that every detail regarding the condition of your car gets documented for further references.

From brake, clutch, mileage, tyre condition, engine oil, gear oil, to battery condition, everything gets inspected by our expert mechanics.

We make sure that your vehicle moves like a brand new car all the time. Our battery replacement services guarantee the same.

  • Safety Inspection

We offer safety inspections to ensure that you possess no risk while driving your car on the road.

  • Brake Pads

We care for you and guarantee thorough checking of brake pads regularly to make sure that every journey of yours turns out to be a happy and safe one.

  • Clutch Repair

Our team of experts inspects the condition of the clutch and fixes the issue as needed. An optimally functioning clutch is the best way to ensure road safety.

  • Fuel System Inspection And Repair

We offer thorough fuel system inspection and repair. From mileage, engine oil to gear oil, everything gets inspected and fixed in this service.

  • Timing Belt

Maintenance of timing belt ensures that your vehicle does not come to a halt suddenly on the road due to crash of pistons, fighting valves, etc.

  • Starter Motor Repair

We make sure that your vehicle’s starter motor performs optimally and for any exceptions, we offer our expert services.

Our Team Of Experts

We build our team of mechanic choosing from the best of the bests. Therefore, all our mechanics are professionally trained individuals with adequate years of experience in their pockets.

All our mechanics understand the vehicles of different varieties as the back of their hands. Hence, fixing the problems never seems to be a difficult or challenging task regardless of the gravity of it.

Our experts offer a client-convenient solution every time, which make us one of the most opted for car care services in Australia.

With the expertise and knowledge of our team of experts, we are committed to standing by your vehicle troubles round the clock.

Why Choose Us?

 You will find plenty of car repair services in Australia, but we can give you some reasons to choose us from them. The following are some of the reasons why you should keep our services at the top of your car repair services list. 

  • We offer reasonable prices for every variety of car service. Be it a thorough servicing or a part-specific one, our prices will never make you feel burdened.
  • We maintain a customer-first approach to make sure that individual requirements of the different clients are met with precision.
  • When we commit for a date, we never miss it. If you have received the date of receiving your car from us, your vehicle will be ready by the mentioned date no matter what. For us, delays are just not done!
  • Our car mechanics at Sunshine are industry experts and possess profound knowledge and expertise.

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We are always ready to serve you as long as you choose us. All you have to do is just book an appointment at 03 8528 3302 or mail us your problem at, and our representative will pay a visit to your place to inspect the car to offer you the exact quote for the necessary service. Once everything is on track, we shall pick your vehicle for servicing.

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