Brake Pads Repair

How to Change Car Brake Pad?

Brake Pads Repair is very important. The front brakes of the car wear out faster than the rear brakes that mean the brake pads of the front wheels also wear out quickly. Brake pad repair is not the solution to this problem. Replacing the break is an ideal way to ensure the smooth working of car brakes.

Brake Pads Repair
Closeup of car mechanic repairing brake pads

Process of Brake Pad

If the brake pads become too thin, it is the sign that they need to be replaced. Before you plan to change the brake pads, it is important to collect the required tools. The list of the tools includes

  • Disposable mechanic gloves as these would help in protecting the hands
  • Lug wrench
  • Jack and its stand
  • Turkey baster to draw out the brake fluid
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Plastic tie, piece of string or bungee cord
  • C-clamp or a long piece of wood in order to retract the piston

For Brake Pads Repair and Along with the tools, you would need the material such as new brake pads as well as a can of brake fluid. Once all the tools and materials are collected, you are ready to change the brake pads. Here are the steps that you can follow

Step 1: Loosen and remove the lug nuts and then take out the wheel.

Step 2: Now take out the slider bolt.

Step 3: Pivot the Calliper up.

Step 4: Take the old brake pads ours.

Step 5: Change the retaining clips.

Step 6: Insert the new brake pads carefully.

Step 7: Push back the pistons.

Step 8: Check the level of brake fluid.

Step 9: Reposition the calliper.

Step 10:  Install the slider bolt back in its place.

Step 11: Repeat the same process on another side.

After changing the brake pads, take a test drive to ensure the proper working of each component. In case, you find it hard to change the brake pad, hire a professional for it, and rest assured about the work.

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