Car Battery

Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail Early

Car Battery is a significant part of the car that provides the required electricity to make the electrical components work. It changes the chemical energy into electrical energy and delivers the voltage to the starter. It is important to maintain it. If it’s poorly maintained or damaged, it can affect the other parts of the car. Therefore, it is important to get the car battery checked and maintained.

car battery
Mechanic engineer fixing car battery in garage (selective focus).

Causes of Failure

Generally, the life of the battery of the car is 3 to 4 years. The lifespan may vary according to the use as well as the overall condition of the vehicle. In case you have a new battery and still facing issue with lighting or ignition, you need to get it checked. The following could be the issues associated with the failure of the battery

  • Extreme Weather

Be it too cold or too hot, a good car battery struggle in the extreme temperature. The best operating temperature for a car ranges around 30 degrees Celsius. In cold conditions, the engine requires cranking power. However, the cranking ability of the battery drops at a lower temperature. Whereas on hot days, the temperature under-bonnet can be extreme resulting in loss of electrolyte. Increased corrosion can result in damage to the battery from the inside.

  • Incorrect Size of Battery

The battery size correlates directly to the amp-hour rating. Therefore, the bigger engine requires a larger battery and a compact car would require a smaller battery. The small size battery in a big car would result in loss of power. It might make the fuses blow or you might not be able to use AC. Fitting the wrong size of the type of battery can damage the alternator as well.

  • Dirty, Loose or Worn Terminals

Efficiently, it is important to keep the terminals and cables dry, clean, and tight. The twisting or turning the terminal on the car battery can make it lose. It increases the risk of melting battery terminals and explosion due to spark at the loose connection.

Along with these, a faulty charging system can also result in battery failure.

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