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A Complete Automobile Service Solution

Car services that are provided by Sunshine Auto Care and our detailed guides make things clear for you to think about us when you are looking for effective, reasonably priced, and long term automobile servicing solutions. Best offer in the market deals for all our clients and customers. We even provide the freedom to avail of customized deals to make every servicing optimal for our clients. We maintain a customer-centric service that adds to the expertise, efficiency, and accuracy we deliver to each of our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission has always remained and shall always be to improve our quality of car services with every passing day. We aim at staying updated with the latest technologies. Sunshine Auto Care makes sure that our customers receive nothing short of the best. Our professional team makes sure that once a vehicle comes through our door, gets the best car services.

Our Vision

Sunshine car repair has long term plans to diversify the gamut of offerings for the client and customers. We are all set to touch the new horizons by including a new range of services for our customers. We look forward to making a relationship with our client beyond business. Also, we put our very best in staying updated with all the latest innovations to keep our services at the best attainable level.

Our Services

We offer a plethora of services, and our tea of professional, experienced, and expert mechanics make sure that your vehicle gets the best servicing possible.  The following are some of the services that make us one of the best in the market today. From complete auto servicing to part-specific fixing, you will find almost every variety available with us. If your car has a problem, we have a solution.

  • AC Repair

If the air conditioner of your car is not working well, choose us, and we shall make sure that you don’t have to perspire while driving, regardless of the temperature outside.  Our skilled mechanics use equipped tools and equipment to fix any problem with your car’s ac. The moment you find that the AC of the vehicle is not functioning optimally, give us a call, and we will get it fixed as early as possible.

  • Car Accident Repair

Has your car met with an accident? Are you worried about how to get it back to its pre-accident condition from any car services? You do not have to worry at all as long as we are there to morph your crushed car into a brand new one. No matter how bad the accident was, we make sure that your vehicle will get a new life once the tried hands of our expert mechanics touch it.

  • Engine Repair

The engine is known to be the driving force of the vehicle. Once the engine starts giving trouble, it is time to take your vehicle for servicing. However, the mishandling of the engine at the service center might worsen the condition of the car instead of improving it. We maintain a pool of expert mechanics with years of experience in fixing engine troubles. Clubbing their expertise, experience, and dedication, they will bring your engine back to its best performance after a servicing.

  • Wheel Alignment

Those who drive cars know what wheel alignment is for a vehicle on the road. And, for those who do not, wheel alignment makes sure that your vehicle never goes off the track and stays aptly aligned with the steering wheels for accurate maneuvering. Maintenance of wheel alignment also reduces the tyre’s wear and tear.

  • Car Collision Repair

We have experts with us to deal with any variety of damage accrued upon a car collision. If your car has unfortunately collided with any other vehicle, or a tree, or something substantial enough to harm the bonnet area, the engine, and beyond, we have all the equipment your car needs to get back to its wheels and on the road.

  • Free Diagnostic 

As no disease can be cured without getting diagnosed properly, car servicing also requires tracing out the specific problem the vehicle might be having. What makes the task more challenging is that cars don’t speak for themselves as humans. Therefore, we need experts to diagnose without any amount of dilemma. Our experts are seasoned in diagnosing the vehicle issues, even if it turns out to be finding a needle in the haystack.

What Makes Us Customer’s Pet

We feel obliged to mention that apart from acquiring new customers every day, a considerable portion of our clientele is made up of repeat customers. The majority of our customers keep coming back to us for their vehicle servicing owing to the friendly dealings they receive from our end and the individual attention we give to each of them. Keeping the customer’s requirement on the top of the priority list is what makes us customer’s pet.

Happy To Help

Our experts remain available for vehicle services throughout a day. To register your problem, you can either book an appointment by calling the number 03 8528 3302 or mail us at Once we receive your concern, one of our expert mechanics will surely visit you to inspect the vehicle and get the quotes ready. Once the deal is finalized, your vehicle will be picked up immediately for further servicing.   

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