Clutch Repair

Reasons Your Car Needs Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair is one of the essential services for the engine of a car that is responsible for engaging as well as disengaging the transmission of power. It is made of a round metal plate having friction material bonded or riveted on each side. It allows you to change gears in the transmission to create power during acceleration. In case of failure of the clutch, it would not be easy to drive the car and shift the gear. Therefore, to enjoy the comfortable drive, it is important to keep the car and its components maintained.

Clutch Repair

Signs of Clutch Failure

If you are facing issues in shifting gear, there might be an issue in the clutch. Here are the common signs that you need to hire a mechanic for clutch repair

  • Burning Smell: Many people experience the burning smell when they learn to drive and accelerate in first gear. However, if the occurrence of burning smell becomes regular, there is a serious problem. Generally, this problem occurs when you drive regularly in heavy traffic. However, if the clutch plate has worn, you would need to replace it right away.
  • Slipping Gears: The reason for gear slipping can be the leakage of oil onto the clutch plate that causes excessive lubrication. However, if your car jerk forward or seems to lurch or slips out of gear continuously while you drive, this could be due to wearing out of the clutch. To know the reason and get the clutch repair, you would need to consult an experienced mechanic.
  • Sticking Clutch: The clutch uses hydraulic linkage. In case it becomes difficult to press the clutch pedal or it sticks nearer to the floor, adjusting linkage is the solution. However, if it doesn’t work and there is leakage of hydraulic fluid, you would lose the pressure. Installing a new clutch plate is the solution.

Paying attention to these signs would help you know about the issues in your car.

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