Fuel system Inspection and Repair

Components of the Fuel System

Fuel system Inspection and Repair take into account that the fuel system of a vehicle which supplies the fuel to the internal combustion engine is critical in storing as well as delivering the fuel to the engine. It is not less than the heart, kidney, veins, etc. that make the human bodywork. It comprises of different components that make the process happen smoothly. Fuel system inspection and repair regularly helps in ensuring a smooth transfer of fuel.

fuel system inspection and repair

Parts of Fuel System

The routine maintenance check of a vehicle helps you ensure that each component is in a top-notch condition. If you find wear and tear of any component, replacing them would help in preventing issues. Here is a list of the components

  • Fuel Tank: The name of the component is self-explanatory. It is the component where the fuel is stored. From this place, the fuel is pumped into the internal combustion chamber.
  • Fuel Pump: The component situated in the full tank is known as the fuel pump. In new models of car, it is positioned inside the tank whereas in older cars you might find it in the middle of the fuel tank and engine. It is responsible for pumping the fuel to the engine.
  • Fuel Filters: For smooth functioning of the vehicle, it is important that the engine gets the clean fuel. The fuel filter ensures the transfer of clean fuel to the engine. It is positioned around the pump and blocks the contaminants and particles from entering the engine.
  • Fuel Injectors: It is a small valve that opens as well as closes with the help of electrical signals. It is responsible for delivering fuel into the cylinders of the engine while controlling the fuel atomization, injection timing and other factors.
  • Carburettor: Before ignition takes place, the internal combustion engine requires a mixture of fuel and air. The carburettor is a component that mixes the air and fuel in a proper ratio for the combustion.

Apart from these, there are fuel lines from which the fuel travels to the carburetor from the tank.

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