Starter Motor Repair

How to Repair Car Starter Motor?

Starter Motor Repair is needed for the starter motor which is an electrical part that is the heart of the car. It is responsible for turning the engine of the car during ignition. Fault in electrical connections, solenoid switch, or damage of freewheel is the common signs of the starter motor failure. Ignoring these signs can affect the performance of the car and result in the damage as well. Therefore, timely starter motor repair is important.

starter motor repair
The Starter Motor of Car

Process of Starter Motor Repair

Cleaning and maintenance are the best way to keep the starter motor in the best operating form. However, if the starter motor of your car is broken, you can repair it by following the given simple steps

Step 1: With the help of an adjustable wrench take the starter out of the car. Before removing the starter, ensure the car is off and not operating. Remove the motor carefully and do pay attention to the primary stabilization bolt.

Step 2: After removing the starter, remove the bolts that hold the starter casing together. This would help you reveal the flywheel as well as windings inside the starter.

Step 3: After removing the flywheel, inspect it. If several teeth are missing, then you would find the starter motor in a non-working condition. Replacing the flywheel is the ideal solution in this situation.

Step 4: In case the flywheel is ok, inspect the flywheel shaft as well as windings. To ensure that there is no blockage in the torque of the starter motor, turn the shaft manually. In case the windings are damaged or broken, the magnetic field would not work properly. You would need to get the new windings. After this ensure the magnets are aligned. If they are damaged or not at appropriate special orientation, replace or reposition them.

To get the proper inspection and repair services, taking expert service is an ideal solution. The experienced mechanic would provide you an appropriate solution.

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