Timing Belt

Signs Your Car Need Timing Belt Replacement

A timing belt is one of the significant internal engine components. It ensures that the camshaft and crankshaft rotate in sync. Wear out of the timing belt is normal. However, ignoring or delaying the replacement can cause expensive damage to the engine. Therefore, replacing the belt is important. Here is a list of symptoms that indicate that it has worn out or broken

Timing Belt
  • Smoke from Engine

During winters, it is hard to know if the smoke coming from the tailpipe are water vapors or harmless steam. However, if the smoke is unusual, then it might be due to a problem in the timing belt.

  • Ticking Noise

The ticking noise from the engine is not common. It causes due to the low oil pressure. You can check the oil and if it is in a normal range, you need to consult a mechanic for the inspection of the timing belt.

  • Engine Misfires

The change in the fire rate of the engine is one of the common signs of failure of the timing belt. It can cause a misfire situation and result in engine damage. Therefore, it is essential to get the belt replaced.

  • Oil Leakage

When the gasket between the timing cover and the engine block is installed improperly, cracked, or wears out, it causes oil leakage. The leaking oil from belt cover results in overheating of the engine and premature wear out of the belt. To get the actual reason behind this problem, you can get the help of a mechanic.

  • Loss of Power

When the excessive moisture gets trapped in between the pulleys and belt, the belt ceases turning with force. If the engines lose power, this can be due to malfunctioning in the belt. Getting the belt inspected is a wise choice.

Squidling sound, rough idling of the engine, etc are common signs that indicate the failure of the timing belt. Consulting an experienced mechanic can help you.

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