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Are You Looking to Buy New Car Tyres | Tire Services Tips

Tyre Services are provided in many places and its very considerable that the tyres are one of the most important elements for your car. Most often when we look to buy a car we check out the model, oil consumption, speed range, and so on. But how many of us really check the tyre?

Tyre Services

The problem gets even deeper when we have to buy a tyre for our car. Most of us don’t have proper knowledge of a car tyre and we end up buying the one the seller wants us to. Have you also become manipulated by the seller at any point in time? Have you been convinced that “yours is the best tyre” just because your seller told you so?

Well, that’s the job of the sellers really! They get paid for that. So how can you expect that they are always telling the truth? No, we are not saying all the sellers are frauds and liars, but some of them may be so. And unfortunately, you may end up visiting one such tyre services where the seller convinces you to buy a tyre that he or she couldn’t sell for years!

That’s really sad, right? And it has multiple hazards. Firstly, it will offer you poor performance and it’s absolutely not value for money. Secondly, you will have to replace the tyre within some time and you may come across the same problem. So how long will you continue to change tyres? Isn’t it better to learn how to pick the perfect tyre for your new car? That way you will be able to find out the best one amidst the lot!

Are you looking to buy new car tyres | tire services tips is dedicated to just that? Go through it and grow a sharp eye on how to pick the right tyre for your car that may last long and serve you greatly! So, let’s dive in.

  • Cost is not always the right parameter to judge

Yes, this is an important concern and most often we try to slack some budget. There’s nothing wrong in it. But when it comes to buying a new tyre, you have to ensure its quality as well. So it’s better not to fall for the cheapest tyre and compromise on the quality. We recommend you to contact multiple brands, compare their costs, and also compare the quality of the tyres and then finalize one product. Only cost is not the right parameter to judge a car. You need to consider the quality as well.

  • Mind the size, and width

If you are replacing a tyre, you need to ensure that it has the same size, width, height, and design as the old one. However, this is true only if the old tyre served you the right purpose. If you are replacing the tyre out of disgust, you should never buy on the same parameters. You better look for the one that fits better than the old one.

But if the old one was working fine and you are buying the new one since the old one has run out of expiry date, you should mind the size, height, design, and width. You can even buy tyres from the same brand so as not to affect quality. This is less risky, but limiting as well. If you don’t go beyond a certain brand, you won’t know if you could get better than the earlier one.

  • Comprehensive service

If you are looking to buy a tyre, it’s better to buy from a shop that offers multiple tyre services. They will have tools for alignment, balancing, and fitting, and if your chosen tyre is somewhat misbalanced, they can give it the right shape and size. Also, such running shops don’t contain expired or useless items. Naturally you may expect a quality product from such places. And you can get a comprehensive service as well and you don’t have to find out other mechanics to do the same for you. This is not only cost-effective, but convenient as well.  The professionals at such stores are very knowledgeable and efficient about the quality of the tyres and they are less likely to mislead you.   

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