Why Do You Need Car Servicing?

Why do you need car servicing? If you own a vehicle, regular servicing is an important aspect. We are entirely dependent on our cars for traveling from one place to the other. When something goes wrong, like a breakdown, you get stranded sometimes in the middle of nowhere. Along with ruining our time, it also costs us a lot of cash to get the repairs done. Though regular car servicing does not guarantee an uninterrupted ride, it reduces the frequency and intensity of the losses.

Why do You Need car Servicing

Before we go into how regular servicing and timely repair can help, let’s look at some of the common car problems.

Oil Changes

By far, an oil change is the most commonly requested car service. A car has thousands of different internal components that work together to make it run smoothly. And these parts need proper lubrication for optimal functioning. If there is a lack of lubrication, the parts will overheat due to friction and cause the parts to wear down and get damaged.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is also typical repair service. It is a must to check the wheel alignment because it also affects your car’s performance.

Battery Replacement

You end up stranded when your car’s battery dies. No matter what you do, the car won’t start. A good quality battery can last up to five years with proper care.

Tire Repairs or Replacement

A good set of tires ensure your safety on the road. When tires start to bald, they have less traction. This makes it difficult to brake the car. This is one of the first signs that indicate a tire change.

Air Filter Replacement

When you turn on the ignition key, you also start the combustion process under the hood. The engine draws in oxygen to create combustion. When air flows through the air filters, it prevents the entry of debris into the engine, which could otherwise damage your car’s internal parts. But over time, a considerable amount of waste gets accumulated in the filters, which does not allow enough air to flow through them, affecting your engine’s performance. Thus air filter replacements are also common maintenance service.

Brake Replacement

Like the other car parts, the brakes also wear down over time. You need to replace the brakes every 50,000 miles. But it also depends on the road conditions, your driving habits, and the quality of your current rotors and brake pads. So unless you want to be a danger to yourself and others on the road, you need to get the brakes checked.

Spark Plug Replacement

A car requires three things to begin its internal combustion process – oxygen, sufficient fuel, and heat. And spark plugs provide the spark (heat) to burn the fuel and get the engine working. When this plug wears down, your engine’s performance becomes inferior.

Importance of regular car repair and maintenance

Prevents unnecessary expenses

When you neglect your car for a very long time, every minor issue will snowball into bigger problems. And bigger problems mean more tension and more expenditure. The cost of hiring a mechanic, getting a tow, and hiring a temporary vehicle are too high. You can avoid all these hefty bills if you take proper care of your car.

Prolongs Your Car’s Life

Periodic checks and timely repairs prevent breakdowns, malfunction and ensure a smooth and optimal performance. Along with improving fuel efficiency, it also extends your car’s life as it keeps the machine in top condition. This means you can use your vehicle for a long time without dealing with frequent repairs.

It ensures safety

Regular car servicing ensures safety and security for you and your family and all others on the road. There are many other reasons behind motor accidents, and one of them is vehicle neglect. Faulty brakes and steering, low fluid levels, and other car issues can lead to serious car problems. You can avoid all these issues by ensuring timely upkeep and repair of your car.

Increases Car Performance

Keeping a check on your vehicle’s fluid levels, oil checks, and internal mechanics can decrease the risk of internal wear and tear. Hence your car will work at its best. A well-maintained vehicle offers a smoother ride and makes your journeys enjoyable.

Ensures Fuel Efficiency

The mileage varies depending on the condition of your car. A vehicle in a poor state will not be fuel-efficient and will cost you a lot of money on fuel. Regular servicing and oil changes will ensure that your car runs efficiently and performs at its best.

Reduces Pollution

Since vehicles burn fuel to run, it has a negative impact on the environment. Every time you roll out your car, you contribute to air pollution because vehicles release CO and CO2 gases into the atmosphere. But improperly maintained cars emit more quantities of these poisonous gases, which can lead to pollution.

Gets you a Better Resale Value

A well-maintained car that runs efficiently and has the least troubles fetches a better resale value. The condition of a vehicle and its performance has a significant impact on the buyers’ purchase decisions. If you maintain a good maintenance record, you can use it to your advantage while trying to sell your car. A well-maintained vehicle will not only get you a great resale value it will also sell quickly.

Gives You Peace of Mind

As mentioned above, regular servicing and maintenance ensure that your vehicle is free of issues and works well. You can take it anywhere, even on long journeys, without worrying about it breaking down in between. You can check with car repair services near you to get your vehicle inspected.

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